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The United States economy offers a myriad of opportunities to people from all walks of life. If you wish to work in the United States, you will first need the appropriate work visa. 

Our Orlando work permit attorney at DLA Immigration Services has over 25 years of legal experience and can help you explore all of your permanent and temporary visa options. We are committed to helping immigrants realize their American Dreams and can leverage our knowledge and resources to secure your work permit as efficiently as possible. No matter your circumstances, our firm will handle your case with the personal touch, honesty, and diligence it deserves. 

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Employment-Based Immigration Visas

If you wish to work in the United States on a permanent basis, you will need to find a U.S.-based employer that is willing to hire you for a qualifying position. U.S.-based employers can sponsor prospective foreign workers for green cards, which confer lawful permanent residency. Lawful permanent residents can work practically anywhere in the country, as their green card effectively functions as a work permit. 

Only a limited number of employment-based green cards are issued each year. The available visas are distributed across several preference categories. Our Orlando work permit attorney can guide you and your sponsoring employer through each step of the labor certification and application process.   

The preference categories for employment-based immigration visas are:

  • EB-1: Priority Workers. The first preference category is intended for individuals with demonstrably “extraordinary” abilities in their chosen field. Multinational executives and “outstanding” researchers and professors can also be eligible under this category.
  • EB-2: Professionals with Advanced Degrees or Exceptional Abilities. The second preference category is reserved for professionals with advanced degrees, including Master’s degrees, PhDs, or foreign equivalents. Professionals with bachelor’s degrees (or foreign equivalents) plus at least 5 years of relevant job experience can also be eligible. Individuals self-petitioning for a green card through a national interest waiver must also meet the qualifications for the EB-2 visa. 
  • EB-3: Professionals, Skilled Workers, and Unskilled Workers. The third preference category covers professionals with bachelor’s degrees (or foreign equivalents), workers with at least 2 years of job experience or training (“skilled workers”), and workers with less than 2 years of job experience or training (“unskilled workers”). 
  • EB-4: Certain Special Immigrants. The miscellaneous fourth preference category encapsulates a variety of special cases and exceptions, including current and former foreign employees of the U.S. government.
  • EB-5: Immigrant Investors. The fifth preference category is exclusively for individuals that can invest a minimum of $900,000 in a U.S.-based commercial enterprise. This investment must create or preserve at least 10 American jobs and meet other qualifying conditions.

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Temporary Non-Immigrant Worker Visas

Many temporary, nonimmigrant worker visas are also available, each with its own sets of permissions and eligibility requirements. We can review your goals for working in the United States and help you understand what visas can help you achieve them. 

Our Orlando work permit lawyer can assist you with seeking numerous types of work permits, including:

  • B-1 Visas for Temporary Business Visitors. Professionals can use the B-1 visa to temporarily travel to the United States to conduct certain types of short-term business, such as attending an occupational conference, settling an estate, or closing a deal.
  • H-1B Visas for Specialty Occupations. The H-1B visa can allow individuals with bachelor’s degrees (or foreign equivalents) and specialized knowledge to fill job vacancies that cannot be filled by American workers. This visa is initially valid for 3 years but can be extended for a total maximum stay of 6 years.
  • H-2A and H-2B Visas for Temporary Workers. H-2 visas can be leveraged by U.S. employees to augment workforces in seasonal or peak load conditions. H-2A visas are specifically for agricultural work, while H-2B visas can be used for most other types of temporary work. Most H-2 visas will only be valid for up to 1 year.
  • L-1A and L-1B Visas for Intracompany Transferees. Multinational companies with operations in the United States can transfer qualifying managers, executives, and employees with specialized knowledge to work at their U.S.-based location. Managers and executives can enjoy a maximum stay of 7 years, while employees with specialized knowledge can stay for up to 5 years.
  • O Visas for Individuals with Extraordinary Abilities or Achievements. Individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements in their chosen field that are uninterested in permanent residency can still travel to and work in the United States through the O visa. To qualify, an individual must provide an exhaustive level of evidence demonstrating sustained acclaim and celebrated professional acumen. O visas can be extended indefinitely.
  • P Visas for Athletes, Artists, and Entertainers. Professionals working in the arts, entertainment, or athletic industries can use the P visa to travel to the United States to perform or compete. P visas typically last for the duration of the qualifying event.

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